Arsen Kolyba

Software designer
Currently at Wix

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Researching, prototyping, designing and testing by day, coding, no-coding, launching products by night

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My role

Design, Webflow Development, Marketing, Analytics

What's been done

Literally everything. Like development, design, marketing, email campaigns, the actual products. I've done it all.


I've created a bunch of assets mostly for designers and wanted to create a single home for them.

thePenTool logo
A logo I've designed for thePenTool
Home page
Home page of the websites. Each tile is a product
Banners that are included at the top of the home page on special occasions
Startup illustration set page
Page of one of the products: Startup Illustration Set.
There are two types of tiles: colored text background and black. Colored is for paid resources and black is for freebies.
UI kit page
Another product page, this one is for a UI kit
I went through multiple iterations of the footer for the product page
Instagram ads
I design marketing material as well. These are Instagram ads that I've tried out for example.
Better file thumbnails scrolling interaction
Scroll animation that explains what the product is about (figma plugin to create file thumbnails)
Some of the icons I drew up for the product
PDF info brochure
An info brochure included with each purchase
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