Arsen Kolyba

Software designer
Currently at Wix

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Researching, prototyping, designing and testing by day, coding, no-coding, launching products by night

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My role

Design, Research


Designers, Engineers

What's been done

Designed an app with an existing design system, user tested our prototypes and made changes accordingly.


Creative services aren't easy to manage process-wise. This might cause lower quality of work and excessive effort.

Design request form page
Customers can create a request for a design they need
Dashboard with project grid
Main dashboard for tracking multiple projects at once
Up first tab of an opened project
Each project has multple tabs first being 'Up first' – everything that's happening with your project
Roadmap view of the project
Each project has an interective roadmap to track progress visually
Invoices view of the project
Managing invoices is easy with a table view
A bunch of different drawers from the website
We heavily used the concept of drawers that can be opened from anywhere to access more info. Here's a bunch of them
Leads dashboard
Sales people have their own UI. Leads dashboard is something they work with frequently so it features powerful filtering
Sales view of project list
Project grid becomes a table for sales, since they see a lot more projects than customers
Feedback screen
Customer feedback can be viewed from the back-office as well
Status prority documentation
We had to think about a lot of edge cases which we described in our documentation
UI components
Some of the UI components used throughout the platform
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