Arsen Kolyba

Software designer
Currently at Wix

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Researching, prototyping, designing and testing by day, coding, no-coding, launching products by night

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Handy Components

Handy Components



My role

Design, Prototype, Code, Marketing

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What's been done

Designed, coded, gathered feedback and iterated.


Got tired of creating a calendar in Figma and thought there should be a better way. Created a library of tiresome components that you can insert in your file in a second + with your style matched!

Plugin preview banner
Plugin preview
Inserting a table via the plugin
Inserting a component as complex as a table takes 1 second. The table is fully responsive and easy to integrate into your design.
First version of the UI
First version of the UI, or rather the illustration style (which is most of the UI)
Monetization approaches
A couple of monetization approaches I've explored.
This is the approach that I've settled on.
Payment flows
Activation flow
Redesigned illustrations
In the process of developing the plugin I realized that the UI looks very bland. That was intentional at the start as I wanted the components to seem as neutral as possible. In the end I decided to make the illustrations juicier.
Illustration guidelines
I've also created illustration guidelines for myself so they are consistent with each update.
Dark mode
The plugin also supports dark mode.

One of the “killer” features of this plugin is being able to scan your entire file and guess how the component you’re inserting should look like.

Match style toggle
This toggle controls this option. The feature is only available for paid customers.

Here’s how it works:

Pricing card in the default plugin style
Pricing card component in the default plugin's style. This is how it will look like if you create the component with the 'Match your UI look' turned off.
Guessed style of pricing cards
And here's how that same component looks after being pasted into 3 different files.

Notice it picked up on fonts and text styles, background/text colors, accent UI colors, border color and radius. And the file doesn’t even has to have styles set up. This works anywhere!

Outter and inner border radius comparison
Designers, you can sleep easy. Inner radius is properly aligned as well.
Accent colors logic
Finding accent colors isn't always easy. Is red your brand color or is it an error style?
Components grid
Plugin received updates with new components added often.
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