Arsen Kolyba

Software designer
Currently at Wix

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Researching, prototyping, designing and testing by day, coding, no-coding, launching products by night

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My role

Design, Webflow Development, Marketing, Analytics

What's been done

Everything, the whole platform. I've sold the startup since on January 14, 2024.


Saw a bunch of world class tech companies' logos on a tiny product's landing page. Didn't believe that. Thought there could be a place where teams share what tools they use creating connections with one another and generating these strips of logos – only verified. Product is built in Webflow.

Logos on Figma's landing page
Here's which companies use Figma... according to Figma
Home page
Home page showcases featured products and recently updated ones
Used by widget
Used by widget

This widget is the core idea of the product. When your product becomes listed and you have at least 3 teams added your product to their tool stack you can copy the embed code and insert it into your landing page. Widget will dynamically show teams using your product with high quality logos and shuffled on refresh.

Product page
Either by clicking on a link in the widget or just by exploring the website you can open the product page and see who uses that product and what tools does the team that works on this product use.
Most of the products are represented with just their logo so tooltips with names are necessary. I tried making them fun while at it.
Usage insights
Usage insights is an interesting new way of looking at the same data from a few different angles.

Overall, this project allowed me to understand how much you can do with so little data by just looking at it from a different angle. All is is X team uses Y, Y team uses Z, Z team uses X.

Gated content
After a while I gated the content for guests and only am showing limited data.
Invite page
I gather a lot of data myself but I also invite product representatives to share their tool stacks. Here's how the page I send them looks.
Rich navigation
I had to nest two pages under a single nav item so I created this smooth interaction for it.
Widget page hero animation
Hero animation explaining the problems behind having a self-managed 'used by' section.
Widget page end
A section on the widget vs static page
Frosted logos
Frosted logos
Customers page
Created a product offering for a 'Customers' page handled for your product.
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