Arsen Kolyba

Software designer
Currently at Wix

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Researching, prototyping, designing and testing by day, coding, no-coding, launching products by night

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Better File Thumbnails

Better File Thumbnails



My role

Research, Design, Development

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What's been done

Designed, coded, gathered feedback, iterated on the plugin.


When Figma released the plugin ecosystem and their API I immediatelly jumped on creating this plugin as I was sick of creating thumbnails manually. I didn't know JS at that point.

An animation I created for the plugin
UI of the plugin
Main screen UI. The plugin supports dark mode.
Cover of the plugin
Thumbnail examples
Some of the thumbnails you can create with the plugin.
My template tab
Plugin also allows you to save a custom thumbnail and reuse it across all your files. It's behind a paywall though.
Activated banner
Fun activation banner
Saved thumbnail state
After you save a thumbnail design you'll get an input created for each text found in the frame. You also have control over if it's created on a separate page or on the current one.
Plugin evolution
Plugin evolution. The first version was very bare bones.
Quick create feature
You can also skip UI altogether by using Quick Create. It will take the name of the file and randomize everything else: emoji, background color, text alignment
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