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Researching, prototyping, designing and testing by day, coding, no-coding, launching products by night

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2+ items in an order at OLX

2+ items in an order at OLX



My role



PM, Engineers, Data Analyst

What's been done

Designed the UI using a design system for 3 platforms: iOS, Android and web. With the help of data analyst tested my solution on a small batch of users. Eventually, rolled out to everyone.


OLX is a classifieds where historically one ad = one item. You've never been meant to sold more, so people reactived ads/created multiple ads.

Ad creation flow
The screen of creating a new ad. Only some ads could technically be sold 2+ times so I documented the logic
Ad screen
When opening an ad buyers could clearly see 'per 1 pc.', meaning this buyer has multiple items in stock
Buy flow screen variations
After clicking the buy button users gets to select the amount of items they'd like to buy. I documented logic & limitations for this as well.
Buy screen on desktop
Here's how this looks on desktop

We’ve decided to limit buying 5 items at a time even if the buyer has more so we don’t have unexpected weight problems at the post offices. Limiting to just 5 we were making sure the total parcel weight would not exceed limits. Also, the technical limit of the platform’s OLX Delivery feature was 29,000 Ukrainian Hryvna, so we couldn’t go over that.

Deal confirmation screen
When confirming the sale sellers sees how many items have been purchased
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